Embroidery, Zoe Buckman




i have a special folder for photos of small dogs snoozing on large sleeping places


I love art


male mouthbrooding jawfish — such as the mottled (seen in the fourth photo with spikes on the side of its head from a fireworm attack), the yellowhead, the banded, and the cardinalfish seen here —  use their mouths to protect their eggs until the fry hatch. 

mouthbrooding fish are able to produce smaller numbers of offspring with a higher chance of survival than species that offer no broodcare. the males, however, are not able to eat during this period of incubation (which can last anywhere from one to three weeks), but will open their mouths, spitting the eggs out and then sucking them back in to keep them clean and aerated. 

photos by (click pic) nicolas terryshigeru harazaki, steven kovacs, keri wilk, michael patrick oneilll and marcello di francesco 


Log Train - Virginia Lumber & Extract Co. 1913


Some of the Star Wars filming at Djerba, including Mark Hamill and Sir Alec Guinness striking a post by the cantina exterior.


oreo 51 by Pieces of the Past! on Flickr.

"Little Wave At Sunset"
Torralta's Beach, Alvor, Portugal (Algarve)
By André Campos
Took my puppy for a walk and two little kids were walking by with their mom. All of a sudden they look over and see her and just start screaming and barking. “GOODBYE STUPID PUPPY.” So of course I started getting pissed off because they just kept repeating it. If you have seen any of my posts about her, or any of my animals, you should know they’re like my children. So I said that she isn’t stupid and they needed to stop being rude. Of course though being the little evil children that they are, they didn’t. So I just repeated them but instead of saying puppy, I said children. Their mom gave me a dirty look then took her kids hands like I was about to kill them or something. Teach your demons some manners and maybe I wouldn’t have hurt their little feelings. You could have told them to stop at any second, but you didn’t. I’m not going to just let them call my baby stupid and be nice to them. Fuck no. I don’t care if I was acting like a child by stooping to their level, I really don’t. I hope they went home and cried. I fucking hate parents who can’t teach their children to not be little douche bags. Congratulations, you’re child is most likely a bully. What wonderful parenting skills you must have! I hope they got you your #1 mom mug! Because WOW, you deserve one bitch!


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